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Who We Are: Founded in 1945 by a group of visionary women, The Childhood League Center’s original mission was to “help children in need”. 74 years later, we still hold true to that mission and today, The Center serves nearly 500 children per year who are under age 6 and who have developmental delays or are at risk.

What We Do: 

  • EARLY INTERVENTION (birth-3): Children best learn in the places where they spend time with the people

      they love. In this program, experts from The Center partner with families, visiting them at home and coaching them to       help achieve the goals they set for their child.

  • PRESCHOOL (3-6): Children learn in fully-inclusive classes with friends both with and without special needs. Classrooms are play-based and focus on children’s social-emotional development as well as other developmental milestones critical to future academic success.

  • PLAY PROJECT: A unique, evidence-based autism intervention for young children. Based on relationships, families are coached to deliver the interventions themselves, maximizing impact and effectiveness.


Why We're Important: The first 5 years of life are critical windows for brain development. Intervening early is key to changing the trajectory of a child’s life. The Childhood League Center’s unique approach to intervening early delivers results.


How We Impact the Community: 100% of our children show significant improvements, meaning they meet their milestones more quickly and enter the world more confidently.Our unique partnership with families helps parents and caregivers be their child's best advocates. These efforts result in tremendous impact on our community and future workforce development. Professor of Economics James Heckman's research estimates the return on public investment in quality, comprehensive birth-to-five education is a whopping 13%.

This investment means that children are MORE likely to:

  • Be kindergarten ready

  • Graduate high school

  • Have higher earnings and better health

This investment means that children are LESS likely to:

  • Be held back a grade

  • Be reliant on public assistance

  • Engage in criminal behavior


How You Can Help: Get to know us. Come for a tour. Connect on social media. Attend an event. Volunteer. Be an ambassador for our work and the children we serve. Donate at

Connect with the Childhood League Center

674 Cleveland Avenue

Columbus, OH 43215



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Chief Executive Officer: Ginger Young



Board Chair: Leonard Scott, Merck & Co., Inc.

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