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Who We Are: ShadoArt Productions, Inc. dba Shadowbox Live, is the largest resident ensemble theater company in America. Founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 1988, we are an artist-run organization with a focus on creating and performing original works 52 weeks a year. Our high-energy,hybrid-entertainment experience breaks down traditional barriers between actor and audience as our performers serve a bistro-style menu and full bar before the show. Ever-pursuant of our goals to inspire, create and educate, we use each production to creatively align unexpected partners and programs to deepen community engagement.

What We Do: Committed to the artistic principle of the ensemble for over 30 years, Shadowbox® Live creates ever-changing original bodies of work encompassing meta-media productions, musical theatre, rockumentaries, sketch comedy and dance theatre. Thriving on projects which enthrall, resonate and deepen its impact on the community, Shadowbox® Live attracts and creates boundary-breaking artistic collaborations (ballet, opera, visual art, jazz, etc), innovative educational programming, and engaging community partnerships, all produced with the visceral, honest and unapologetic energy of today’s culture.

Why We're Important: A Columbus Original, Shadowbox Live employs more full-time, year-round performers than any other theater in America. The 45-plus member troupe is an incubator of new works, delivering over 400 performances across19 different original productions – a production schedule virtually unparalleled in the industry. While entertaining over 90,000 annually, we have received wide acclaim for breaking down barriers and developing new audiences with daring, unexpected collaborations with traditional arts organizations, including the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, NY Times Best Selling Authors and National Recording Artists. In addition to the innovative artistic programming, Shadowbox Live has gained national recognition for its innovative STEM approach to arts education.

How We Impact the Community: Shadowbox Live's arts education initiatives for students ages 15-22 have been recognized as some of the most impactful STEM programming available. Students apply the knowledge gained in performance to cultivate their artistic abilities both onstage and off. The groundbreaking pillar programs STEM Rocks the Box, Summer Rock Arts Boot Camp, and Artistic American Sign Language Program culminate in a one-of-a-kind public performance experience with Shadowbox Live professionals on the Shadowbox® Live stage. Shadowbox Live gifts $250,000 in tickets to local non-profit charities for their own fundraising efforts, operates an art gallery for emerging visual artists and underwrites a 90-seat cabaret venue where independent artists can bring new works to the stage.

How You Can Help: Under new leadership, the company's executive board – with over 25 years of experience working together as a performance ensemble and management group – is focused on steering the company toward increasing awareness of its body of work among its regional and national peer organizations, while also deepening its connection to its rapidly growing and diversifying Greater Columbus community.

Connect with Shadowbox Live

503 S. Front Street #260

Columbus OH 43215

Executive Director: Stacie Boord

Email: sboord@shadowboxlive.org


Board Chair: Carol McGuire