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Who We Are: Founded in 1908, Jewish Family Services is a community-based organization whose mission is to help individuals and families achieve economic self-sufficiency and emotional stability. Rooted in a rich history of Jewish values, we serve individuals of all races, ethnicities and religions. Jewish Family Services touches over 8,900 individuals each year, through a unique combination of counseling, service navigation and workforce development services. 

What We Do: Jewish Family Servicers meets each person where they are and wraps services around them. Whether you are a young person taking the first

steps in your career, a seasoned professional looking to perfect your job search skills, an aging adult managing the challenges of living independently, or a new American establishing roots in your new community, when you come to Jewish Family Services, you will benefit from a range of integrated services that fit your personal circumstances.

Why We're Important: Utilizing the programs at Jewish Family Services, individuals and families

  • Job seekers achieve financial stability through employment 

  • Survivors of Nazi Persecution live in dignity

  • Caregivers connect with information and tools to better guide their loved ones

  • Older adults maintain their independence 

  • Families in crisis gain skills to rebuild their lives

  • Volunteers strengthen our community

How We Impact the Community: In 2019, we touched the lives of over 8,900 people. We helped 585 individuals find jobs, producing $20 million in wages and $5 million in taxes paid – all on an investment of $2 million. We helped 538 seniors and their caregivers navigate the challenges of aging; 256 young adults take the next step in their careers; 177 families in crisis begin to rebuild their lives; 230 Survivors of Nazi Persecution live independently and with dignity; 2,000 business customers build a stronger workforce; and 507 volunteers give back to the community, with 4,900 individuals benefiting from those volunteer services. 

How You Can Help: Your financial support empowers us to meet the needs of the Columbus community and to adapt as those needs change. 

Volunteer opportunities include driving seniors to appointments and other errands, adopting families for Chanukah or Christmas, providing administrative support, volunteering at a produce market for New Americans, helping job seekers with mock interviews, and offering pro bono skills or services.

If you would like to donate a professional service, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Connect with Jewish Family Services

1070 College Ave

Columbus, OH 43209


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Chief Executive Officer: Karen Mozenter

Manager of Communications and Marketing: Stephanie Miller


Board Chair: Joy Soll

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