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Who We Are: We are a non-profit organization that is committed to ensuring women have an opportunity to reach their full potential by connecting them through compassion, resources and community. Through our collaborative community efforts we strengthen our impact by helping women achieve growth, success and sustainability. 


In Christy’s Shoes began in 2008 with a remembrance luncheon for Christy Levy Peters, an identical twin who lost her battle with terminal brain cancer at the age of 34. Her twin sister and two lifelong friends helped to 

launch the organization, In Christy’s Shoes, to continue fostering Christy’s innate ability for helping women and to ensure her legacy would continue to touch lives.

What We Do: We bring awareness to various areas where women face challenges; homelessness, unemployment, human trafficking, domestic abuse, substance abuse and brain cancer. 
We connect women to resources to help them overcome these challenges by funding local programs free of charge and helping to create new programs that women need.  These programs help provide education, financial literacy, professional tools, transportation from crisis to safety, personal development, independence and the ability to learn to dream.

Why We're Important: Our work is vital because we are able to bring awareness and attention to the needs of women in the community and we serve as a reminder that acts of kindness on any level are better than none at all. 


We are also important because we encourage unification and collaboration amongst our non-profit partners in order to maximize resources and better serve women. This allows us to strengthen our efforts and provide the best support and most successful outcome possible for each woman.


We are also a 100% Volunteer Organization which allows us to ensure all donations given to In Christy’s Shoes are directly helping women in the community and we are able to fund more programs free of charge.

How We Impact the Community: We impact the community in a unique way because we are able to share our personal story and how the experience of loss has transformed our life journey into one of purpose and has helped us inspire others to join a cause. 

This purpose has allowed us to bring people together, have a real understanding of challenges that women face and how we can all make a big impact by making the commitment to do something.  


Since inception we have…… 

  • Raised over $1 Million Dollars for programs free of charge                                           

  • Donated over 10,000 pairs of shoes to help women take leaps 

  • Helped thousands of women believe in themselves

  • Developed new educational opportunities & scholarships

  • Collaborated with dozens of Non Profits to share the impact of their work

  • Inspired thousands to give back and carry out acts of kindness 

How You Can Help: You can help in many ways:

  • Make a DONATION at to ensure that programs remain free of charge. 

  • Donate Women’s shoes year-round (gently worn or new professional shoes, dress flats, boots, sneakers, prom shoes, sandals, flip flops and more. 

  • Become an Event Sponsor for our Annual Fundraiser in May.

  • Donate to our Endowment Fund 

  • Join our Event Planning Committee   

  • Host a Shoe Drive to collect shoes

  • Become a Volunteer at our Mission

  • Following us on Social Media-

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        Instagram -

Thank you for helping to create opportunities for women through compassion, resources and community!

Connect with In Christy's Shoes

4575 Winchester Pike, Suite 2

Columbus, OH 43232

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Chief Executive Officer: Katrina Levy Zidel


Chief Financial Officer: Becky Sweeney


Chief Development Director: Jacki Barnett

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