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Who We Are: Harmony Project connects people across cultural, social, and geographical divides through the arts, education and volunteer community service. Working together, we are building a united community, connecting through the shared vision of a world where indifference is replaced with empathy, intolerance is replaced with kindness, and discord is replaced with harmony. When the community joins together, there is harmony or a lifetime of leadership, adventure, and success.

What We Do: Whether in gated communities or

behind bars, in low-income schools or top-ranked institutions, Harmony Project unites people from every dimension of diversity at the intersection of artistic passion and social purpose. Programs include: the flagship 500-voice chorus; Prison Arts programs at the Ohio Reformatory for Women; Student art and service learning programs for elementary, through high school students; and Common Harmony, serving differently-abled adults, those who have experienced homelessness, veterans, and restored citizens. Through performances and volunteer service, Harmony Project participants are change agents creating a ripple effect of social good. When the community learns together, there is harmony.


Why We're Important: Through performances and community service, Harmony Project volunteer voices are made stronger and more relevant as they combine with others across social, cultural, and geographic divides. Since 2009, thousands of people have participated in a Harmony Project program or performance. Men and women who have lived in the shadows sing in the spotlight. Students with limited beliefs about their own futures explore expanded horizons. Incarcerated women in recovery serve a purpose while serving a sentence. Neighbors, representing every dimension or diversity, celebrate differences while building common ground. When the community heals together, there is harmony.

How We Impact the Community: What began in 2009 with less than 100 voices has grown to more than 1,000 voices engaged weekly in meaningful, experiential arts, education, and service programming. Each year, tens of thousands of hours of community service are completed, and individuals throughout Central Ohio and beyond use their voices to uplift others. Trees and gardens are planted; murals are painted; hospitalized children are sung to and snuggled; meals are served; produce delivered; and so much more. When the community serves together, there is harmony.

How You Can Help: 

  • Sing: Join the Harmony Project choir. While wait lists may form, the opportunity is open to all – no audition or fees required, only a commitment to serving the community.

  • Serve: Work side-by-side with Harmony Project volunteers in community service projects across Central Ohio.

  • Share: Attend a Harmony Project concert; support our mission of building a stronger, kinder, and more inclusive community by donating time, talent or treasure; share our stories via social media; and learn more at

Connect with Harmony Project

779 E. Long Street

Columbus, OH 43203

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Executive Director: David Brown, Founder & Creative Director


Chief Operating Officer: Shelly Lewis



Board Chair: Bethany Klynn, President and Owner, Insight Leadership Consulting

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