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Who We Are: Freedom a la Cart is a nonprofit organization and catering social enterprise that empowers survivors of human trafficking to build a new life of freedom and self-sufficiency. People are not property. We believe that women who have lived in slavery should be empowered to gain freedom through personal and economic independence. Through offering comprehensive supportive services, practical life skills, paid workforce training and one-on-one case management, Freedom is a place where survivors can heal, learn and grow as their dignity is restored and they prepare to live independently in the community.

What We Do: Freedom a la Cart takes a holistic approach to helping survivors move from vulnerability and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency. But Freedom a la Cart offers more than just a job. In partnership with CATCH Court specialty docket in Franklin County, Freedom provides survivors with a myriad of supportive services: including transportation, clothes and personal items, assistance gaining a driver's license, education and housing assistance, life skills training, tattoo removal, and personal mentors. Freedom’s Butterfly program is an innovative, peer-to-peer program that provides a community of long-term support to assist survivors with the many obstacles that could divert them off the road toward stabilization.


Why We're Important: Human trafficking, the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, has deep roots in Central Ohio. As many as 1,200 solicitation arrests are made each year in Franklin County. An estimated 92% are identified as victims of human trafficking. These women were trafficked at the average age of 13, and have suffered extensive trauma, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, and poverty. We know that economic independence starts with a sustainable job, but human trafficking survivors face severe barriers to employment. By addressing the link between supportive services, community, and employment, Freedom a la Cart is helping survivors live independently.


How We Impact the Community: Freedom a la Cart provides supportive wraparound services to over 200 survivors every year. In the last three years 59 survivors have also received paid workforce development training, of which 24 have transitioned to sustainable employment in the community 85% have received no new criminal record. Our results are self-sufficient women who are earning their first paycheck, opening checking & savings accounts, getting their driver's license, buying a car, moving into their own apartments, going to college and regaining custody of their children. Generational impact!


“Freedom a la Cart put me back on my feet. They helped me get a driver’s license and completely furnish my first home. Working at Freedom built my confidence... Thanks to Freedom I was able to make the right steps in getting my dream job and my son back." –Mandie

How You Can Help: We invite you to join us in building this city’s most innovative social enterprise and creating long-lasting change in the lives of survivors of human trafficking. There are several ways to support these brave women on their journey toward restoration and self-sufficiency.

  1. Donate. Your gift of $50 provides supportive services to one survivor for a month.

  2. Volunteer. Become a mentor, bring meals to CATCH Court or help in our kitchen.

  3. Order. Select Freedom a la Cart to cater your next event.

Donate, volunteer and order at

Connect with Freedom a la Cart

5000 Arlington Centre Blvd, Suite 5109

Columbus, OH 43220

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Executive Director: Paula Haines


Board Chair: Kate Finley, Founder + CEO, Belle Communications

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