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Who We Are: Fund The Climb Foundation was formed by Dr. Rob Graessle, a former emergency room physician who, in response to the countless overdoses he treated on a nightly basis, started Basecamp Recovery Center, a treatment center for those suffering from the disease of substance use disorder. The Team at Fund The Climb Foundation seeks financial support that enables them to assist patients who are in treatment. In addition to suffering from this disease, these patients face challenges and barriers that could adversely impact their success in treatment.

What We Do: Fund The Climb’s mission is to assist in removing barriers that can adversely impact a patient’s treatment. The mission is designed to support not only a successful recovery, but also a sustained recovery. This assistance includes working directly with providers to help with deposits for housing, transportation needs, fees for restoring documents such as a driver’s license or state identification, assistance with utility bills, needed supplies, and nutrition and personal hygiene needs. Donations are intended to ensure that the patient’s needs are met in near real time. Removing these barriers allows patients to focus on what’s most important: their treatment and recovery​.


Why We're Important: There is no shortage of media coverage on the opioid epidemic and the ravages of addiction and mental health in our community. Overdose deaths were up 45.6% in 2020 in Franklin County with 93,000 deaths nationwide. What is lost in the conversation is the tens of thousands of individuals who seek help every day. Too often, many of these people are defeated by some of the smallest barriers that for them are insurmountable, thus keeping otherwise willing patients from joining those who are working towards and succeeding in recovery. Fund The Climb is committed to improving outcomes for patients who are participating in addiction treatment programs, but are at-risk for failing because of ancillary financial burdens such as job loss, homelessness, transportation issues, lack of access to healthcare, food and other basic needs.


How We Impact the Community: By providing support for the most basic of the hierarchical needs, Fund The Climb improves outcomes for patients who are actively engaged in addiction recovery treatment programs. Our mission focuses on helping to save lives in our community. The National Institute of Health estimates that every $1 invested in addiction treatment programs yields a return of between $4 and $7 in reduced drug-related crime, criminal justice costs, and theft. When savings related to healthcare are included, total savings can exceed costs by a ratio of $12 to $1. Major savings to the individual and to society also stem from fewer interpersonal conflicts; greater workplace productivity; and fewer drug-related accidents and illness, including overdoses and deaths.


How You Can Help: By making a donation to Fund The Climb, donors can support the basic needs of patients who are trying to change their lives by breaking the cycle of addiction and actively engaging in treatment. Most of us have or have considered providing financial support to someone suffering from the disease of addiction, whether it be an individual on the streets or someone we love. At times, we may wonder if our “gift” will be put to good use, or simply enable them to continue their path to destruction or death. Fund The Climb Foundation offers the security of knowing that each gift will be managed appropriately and go directly to the needs of qualified patients, while providing donors with a charitable deduction for their generosity. THANK YOU for your support.

Connect with Fund the Climb

815 W. Broad St

Suite 310

Columbus, OH 43222

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Development Director: Lili Reitz, Esq.



Board Chair: Dr. Rob Graessle

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