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Who We Are: Community Shelter Board was created in 1986, founded on the vision that no one should be homeless in our community, for even one night. Our mission is to lead a coordinated, community effort to make sure everyone has a place to call home. CSB is the collective impact organization driving the best outcomes for people facing homelessness in Columbus and Franklin County. CSB is considered a national model for organizing a community’s response to homelessness.

What We Do: Community Shelter Board brings 

together 16 agencies across the community to work together as a cohesive system for change, driving:

  • Strategy – to prioritize and position innovative solutions in alignment with federal, state, and local agencies

  • Accountability – through data and compliance monitoring for all public funding from federal, state, and local levels, as well as private sector funding

  • Collaboration – within the homeless system, between other systems of care, and across the community

  • Resources – from federal, state, and local levels in both the public and private sectors

Why We're Important: Community Shelter Board helps thousands of people in our community to meet their basic human needs for shelter, housing, and safety. The Columbus and Franklin County community has counted on Community Shelter Board for more than 30 years as a key component of a strong civic infrastructure and to help safeguard its most vulnerable neighbors.


How We Impact the Community: CSB and its partner agencies offer life-changing programs that assure shelter, street outreach, and re-housing assistance for more than 5,400 single adults and 1,000 families each year, including 2,000 children. Over the last five years, our prevention programs have helped more than 2,500 households avoid homelessness, while more than 8,000 households were re-housed and stabilized. And we have housed more than 2,200 households that experienced long-term homelessness and disabilities in specialized, supportive housing – saving costs for jails, emergency room visits, and inpatient hospital stays. Ensuring safe and decent housing for residents helps move our entire community forward.

How You Can Help: No child should spend the holidays in a shelter. Help us get families home for the holidays. We've already housed 500 families so far this year. Help us get even more families home before the holidays. If you're thankful to have a safe, warm home, make a gift today at

Connect with Community Shelter Board

355 East Campus View Boulevard, Suite 250

Columbus, Ohio 43235


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Executive Director: Michelle Heritage



Development Director: Melissa Garver



Board Chair: Barbara H. Benham, Chief Public Affairs Officer, Huntington Bancshares Incorporated

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