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The Columbus Foundation

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From The Columbus Foundation

By Doug Kridler, President and CEO, The Columbus Foundation

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“The quality that makes for greatness in a city is its dynamic. How well and how freely are its people working together, giving of themselves, to make it a still finer city?” Harrison M. Sayre, Founder, The Columbus Foundation


At the heart of The Columbus Foundation’s purpose is the idea that, in working together, our collective

action achieves more for our community than our individual acts. That notion prompted founder Harrison M. Sayre to embrace the idea of a community foundation for Columbus 75 years ago, and it continues to motivate our work today.

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7 Reasons Why a Donor Advised Fund May Be Right for Your Charitable Goals

By Amelia Jeffers, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief, Sophisticated Giving Columbus

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I don’t know about you, but as the speed of life has seemingly reached supersonic, and as my income (gratefully) has kept pace and surpassed my goals, I have longed for an opportunity to approach my charitable giving with more consideration and intention of the people, places, and things I want to support in the community.

For several years now, I have found myself reaching the end of the year only to spend a frenzied week or so reconciling my donations with my accountant’s recommendations, then quickly identifying and executing the final few gifts I would make.  Looking for an alternative to the madness (and at the recommendation of a more philanthropically-seasoned friend), I met with a member of The Columbus Foundation’s Donor Services and Development team to learn more about their Donor Advised Funds (DAFs). I was surprised to learn that a setting up a fund was within my reach.

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