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The Sophisticated Giving Charity Register,

profiles nonprofit organizations in metro Columbus

and is published annually by Pure Publishing Columbus, LLC.

Meet The Editor...

Amelia Jeffers


My first act of philanthropy was in the fall of 1989. As a freshman at West Virginia University, I tracked down the local Salvation Army Angel Tree, carefully reviewed the remaining kids who needed “adopted” and selected the little girl who most reminded me of myself. I wish I could remember her name, but what I remember distinctly is the feeling of joy when I delivered her gifts, painstakingly wrapped in bright Christmas paper and large,

glorious bows. In my mind it was easy to imagine her sweet face lighting up at the sight of the gifts, because it was so easy to recall my own reaction to the gifts I received when my name was pulled from the Angel Tree for many years. My own childhood was marked with moments like these: baskets of food at Thanksgiving and Easter; a winter coat delivered just before a big snow; even my graduation cap and gown, purchased by several teachers and discreetly left in my locker.


Whether you have been on the giving or receiving end of any act of philanthropy, you know the joy and importance of sharing one’s abundance with another who is in need. 

This is what inspires me to volunteer, donate, and teach my children the value of making a difference in our community.

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